Frontier Pools offer a wide selection of perimeter & inlayed tile options for your pool. These are a great way to emphasise pool features, borders, stairs, and seats.

Working closely with you and the designers, we can build unique water features for your pool, including cascades and streams, vanishing edges, jets, spill-overs, aroma-therapy & custom built waterfalls.

Your pool colour will impact on your pool’s overall appearance and ambiance. Choose from our standard colours to customise your pool finish.


If you’ve lived on your property for a long period of time or you just bought a property that requires renovation, an in-ground swimming pool is a premier way to add value!

But don’t wait till you sell, there is no better way to enjoy your home and make it a place that everyone loves than spending the summer around your landscaped pool. Frontier Pools work with the size and shape of your environment, developing the pool that best meets the needs of your property and your budget, adding the maximum value both financially, aethestically and in overall personal enjoyment.

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Swimming pool stain treatment varies based on the type of stain. Performing a chlorine shock and hard scrubbing can get rid of most generic organic pool stains. You can also find various enzymes that are made to assist with breaking down organic leftovers, which can help in the treatment these types of stains.

Metal stains aren’t quite as simple to deal with. They will typically need a hard-hitting swimming pool chemical containing an acid like diphosphonic or ascorbic. Threating stains with these types of pool stain removers will work well when applied on the stain directly. Additionally, if you find that your water source has metals, you will probably have to use metal sequestrants to bind the metals and assist in preventing them from causing further pool stains. There are various popular sequestrants available that can effectively treat stains,but keep in mind that they do wear down in your swimming pool water after a while, so you should not keep adding them.

As with many pool problems, the best method of handling pool stains is prevention. Keeping your swimming pool clear of metals and organic remnants may be slightly challenging, but is usually worth the effort, as stains that go undetected are at times difficult to realistically remove. Frontier Pools recommend regularly examining your water for excess metals (usually at the source is the right place) and being diligent in getting rid of debris. This will allow you to detect and eradicate most pool stain issues before they happen.